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All County Offices Will Be Closed
December 24th, 27th & 31st 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

We now have Covid booster vaccines for all 3 types
(Moderna, Pfizer, J&J)
Please call us at  785-472-4488

September 27, 2021

There have been a lot of questions regarding COVID vaccine booster doses.

We are now able to provide booster doses only to those that received the Pfizer vaccine.
You can receive this booster dose 6 months after the completion of the initial Pfizer vaccine series.

For individuals that received the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine, there is no authorization at this time for a booster dose.

If you are immunocompromised and received the Moderna vaccine, you can receive an additional dose.

If you have questions, feel free to call us at the Health Department @ 785-472-4488


COVID-19 Update 9/17/2021
Active Cases - 20

We are definitely seeing an uptick in COVID-19 cases in Ellsworth County over the past couple weeks. We are also seeing an increase in testing in both children and adults. Please remember to monitor yourself for signs and symptoms and we ask that if you do have any symptoms; stay home and contact your primary caregiver or the health department to schedule testing. You do not necessarily have to be running a fever to have COVID-19, we are seeing an increase in the nausea and vomiting symptoms which we attribute to the new Delta variant. See below for signs and symptoms but remember this is not an all inclusive list!
We also strongly encourage employers to not have employees at work that are sick and to look at a modified sick leave policy so employees do not feel like they have to be at work sick.
There are still COVID vaccines available - Moderna, Johnson & Johnson & Pfizer. If you want to get vaccinated, give us a call and get that scheduled.
Flu season is also right around the corner and one of the best things you can do to prepare for flu season is to get your annual flu vaccine. See below for our Flu Shot Clinic schedules. We will be hosting drive thru clinics and will also be at various locations around the county. If you would prefer to come to the Health Department to receive your vaccine, please call and schedule an appointment.

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COVID-19 Update as of 8/25/2021
Active cases: 21
Delta variant makes up majority of the cases we have seen over the past month. I think it is safe to say that this virus is definitely present and active in our community. We know that the best way to protect ourselves is by getting vaccinated and masking. We have to remember that we now have our children back in school and that is where we want the kids to stay. We also need to realize the stress that the increased cases not just within our county but state wide is having on our hospital and healthcare system. Please take the necessary precautions to slow the spread of this nasty virus.
There have been many questions regarding the booster shots. At this time, we are only able to administer an "additional dose" to those individuals whom are severely immunocompromised. There is discussion of a booster shot being available mid-end of September and this would be given to those individuals whom received the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine 8 MONTHS after the 2nd shot of their initial vaccine series. Please see below for more information regarding the additional dose that is available currently.

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COVID-19 Update as of 8/11/2021
Active cases: 19

We please ask that everyone take the necessary precautions. As you can see we are continuing
to increase in active cases rapidly.  Below is the map of county transmission and we have increased
from orange (substantial) to red (high). I also attached our current vaccination rates for our county.
Both images are reported from CDC.

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Active cases as of 8/9/2021 - 13

Below is the map from CDC on the level of community transmission.  We have gone
from Moderate last week to Substantial as of this morning. We have seen a dramatic
increase in positive COVID cases over the past couple of weeks. Please remember to continue
to take precautions - good hand hygiene, avoid crowded areas, stay home if you are sick and
wearing a mask is still a good practice.
We continue to have all 3 vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer and J&J)
on hand and if
you would like to schedule an appt. please call us at 785-472-4488.

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August 4, 2021
Active cases: 3

Delta variant has been identified in our county.

See image below for vaccination rates for Ellsworth County reported from CDC site.

If you are wanting to get yourself or your child 12 and older vaccinated, please give us a call at the office.
We have Moderna, Pfizer and J&J in stock. 
Please be cautious as we are seeing an increase in cases across
the state once again. Remember to follow necessary
precautions such as good hygiene and staying home
when sick; getting vaccinated is also one of the best options available for protection

May be an image of ‎text that says '‎People Vaccinated Total f Population 1 2Yeaf Least One Dose 2,902 Years Fully Vaccinated Population 18 Yea 47.6% 2,683 %fn 2,902 44% Population 54% Y Age 2,683 2,804 % 65 ofPulton ۔ 49.9% 56.2% 2,611 990 52.4% 76.2% 944 CDC 72.7% of:August 2021 6:00am ET. Ûd: Tuesday, 2021 2:36 MeT‎'‎

Active cases as of 7/28/2021 - 3

The Delta strain has been identified in our county.

Vaccination rate for fully vaccinated individuals is 43.8% and the rate for at least one dose received is 47.1%.

We currently have all 3 vaccines in stock - Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer (only one for age 12 and up).
If you would like to schedule a vaccination please call our office at 472-4488

March 5, 2021

COVID-19 Update

Active Community Cases - 4
Total Community Cases - 652
KDHE Reported County Cases - 1,210

February 22, 2021

COVID-19 Update

Active Community Cases - 2
Total Community Cases  - 647
KDHE Reported Cases - 1,203

*Update to Mass Gathering Limitations - As of 2/22/2021 there will NO LONGER be a mass gathering limitation in Ellsworth County. This decision was made due to the decrease in active cases we have seen. Masks are still required in public settings and we also ask that you continue to observe the other health and safety guidelines like social distancing and good hand hygiene. This is a big step that we are able to make but understand that if we start seeing an increase in number of active cases, these kind of restrictions will be looked at again. If you are planning an event, please be mindful of the size and take into consideration the social distancing precautions.

We want to thank everyone for the efforts that have been made in slowing the spread of COVID-19 in our county. The virus is still here and we must still continue to use precautions.

February 17, 2021

COVID-19 Update

Active Community Cases  - 3
Total Community Cases  - 645
KDHE Reported Cases  - 1,202

February 10, 2021

Active cases: 10
Total community cases: 642
KDHE reported cases: 1,199


We have officially started on our COVID-19 vaccination list and getting people in Phase 2 vaccinated. We had our first vaccination clinic last Friday in the Administration Building at ECMC. The way our process is working is we are just working down the list that has been started of people that have called in to let us know they are wanting the vaccine. Phase 2 includes individuals 65 and older along with individuals in congregate settings and high contact critical workers. See below for the KDHE Vaccination Phases plan. We are just starting at the top of the list and working our way down. Once your name has been added, we will contact you to schedule your appt, we will not be able to give you what "number" you are on the list. Remember we are only receiving the minimum amount of vaccine we can get from KDHE; we have no control over this. Please call Ellsworth County Health Department or the Rural Health Clinic to have your name placed on the list.

Vaccination clinics will continue weekly at the Administration building as long as we continue to receive vaccine from the state. Our next one is this Friday and you will be contacted by Ellsworth County Health Dept to schedule those appointments.

Thanks again to Ellsworth County Medical Center, the Rural Health Clinic, Ellsworth County Emergency Manager and EMS for the collaboration and assisting with pulling off a successful vaccination clinic! This is definitely a team effort within our county!

February 2, 2021

Ellsworth County COVID-19 update:
*Active cases - 13
*Total community cases - 628
*KDHE reported cases - 1,168

Vaccine update - We have started to receive the minimum number of vaccines that we can receive on a weekly basis from KDHE. We have been able to get the staff at both USD 112 and USD 327 vaccinated. Thank you to the schools for allowing us to come vaccinate your staff - the process went very smooth for both districts! Please understand that we have no control over how much vaccine we receive and unfortunately our county only receives the minimum at this time. The state understands that all Kansas counties could easily use more vaccine but they only receive so much weekly and all of that has to be distributed to all the counties. We have been taking numerous phone calls all day from people who are wanting the vaccine. We have started a list and are excited to say that we will begin to work through that list. Please understand that this will be a slow process but we will work through the quite long list as we can based on the amount of vaccine we have. Our plan is to be able to set up a distribution site and we will be contacting individuals to set up appointment times for this vaccination distribution. 

Please DO NOT call the Health Department or ECMC
to see if you have an appt for vaccination - we will contact you.

Special thanks to some wonderful nurses from Ellsworth County Medical Center and
Ellsworth County EMS for once again joining us for the school vaccinations
last Friday at EES, KMS and Ellsworth Jr/Sr High School.

This has definitely been a team effort and can not thank all of the
different community partners enough!

We are very lucky to live in a county with some great resources,
businesses, services and volunteers!


December 30, 2020

*KDHE Reported Total Cases - 1,048  (This includes ECF inmates)
Total Community Cases:  518  (Does not include ECF)
Active Cases:  30 Active community cases
(Does not include ECF inmates)

Recoveries are defined by:
1) Completion of required isolation
2) Individual is feeling significantly better
3) Individual is fever free for 72 hours (without fever reducing measures)

For Questions or Concerns call Health Department at 785-472-4488

Positive Case USD327 10/7/2020

*Helpful Links*
Governor Kelly Executive Orders
KDHE COVID-19 Information
CDC COVID-19 Information


7/3/2020 5 New EW Co COVID19 Cases

7/3/2020 1 Additional Case

7/27/2020 Media Release (Swimming Pool)
6/30/2020 EW CO 4th Confirmed COVID-19 Case
6/10/2020 EW CO 3rd Confirmed Covid-19 Case
5/12/2020 EW CO 2nd Confirm Covid-19 Case
5/4/2020 Ellsworth County, First Confirmed COVID-19 Case
Press Release Addendum 4/7/20
Press Release 4/7/2020

March 19, 2020 Order Restricting Dine-In Facility Areas
Ellsworth County Phase 2 Press Release
Governor Kelly Phase 2
Ellsworth County Re-opening Plan PHASE ONE
Ellsworth County Re-opening Plan PHASE 1.5

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Location Staff
1603 Aylward Avenue
Ellsworth, KS. 67439

PH: 785-472-4488

Fax: 785-472-4489
Hours: Mon-Fri. 8AM-5PM
Emergency Contact after hours: 785-531-0614
Kerianne Ehrlich, RN, Administrator
Emily Bettenbrock, RN
Deb Habiger, Office Assistant/Healthy Start Home Visitor

Lenora Henderson, Office Assistant


Services Provided In Office Maternal & Infant Program
  1. Immunizations- Infant thru Adult
  2. Allergy Injections with physician order
  3. Blood Pressure Check
  4. Lab Testing - Blood Sugar, Cholesterol-Lipid Profile, Hemoglobin, Urinalysis, PSA and other lab tests with physician order
  5. Weight and Height Checks
  6. Physical Exam and Assessment
  7. Developmental Screening
  8. Vision Screening
  9. Hearing Screening and Tympanogram
  10. Foot Care
  11. TB Skin Test
  12. Flu Shots
  1. Provide support, education & counseling By RN to first-time Moms
  2. Post Partum visits to mother and child
  3. Healthy Start Home Visitor Program


Early Detection Works  
  1. Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer Screenings for women who:

    A. Are 40-64 (women under age 40 with breast or cervical problems should call the toll-free number for exceptions).

    B. Do not have insurance.

    C. Have a specific income or less (call the Health Dept to see if you qualify) or, 1-877-277-1368



Women's Health Assessment Home Health Services - Self Pay
  1. Includes Pap smear (as indicated), blood pressure, blood glucose, urinalysis, hemoglobin & breast exam.
  2. We use liquid based Pap Smear tests which are more accurate than the conventional Paps. Most OB/ GYN'S prefer these tests.
  1. Med Setup
  2. In-Home Baths
  3. In-Home Trim Toenails


Reproductive Life Plan  
  1. Choice of contraceptive method as available. (Fee based on sliding scale)
  2. Pregnancy Testing & Counseling
  3. Exam (as indicated)
  4. STI testing
  5. Opt out HIV testing


WIC Program Health Screening Clinics
  1. Supplemental food program for pregnant, delivered or breastfeeding women, infants, and children up to the age of five years

USDA Prohibits discrimination in the administration of its programs. 
To file a complaint call

  1. Blood pressure checks are offered the 2nd Wednesday of even months at The Ellsworth Senior Center and the first Thursday of every month at the Holyrood American Legion.




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